During the period of 1910-1916 was Wilhelm Bürkle as a partner in the firm Benedetto Sciacca at Catania / Italy. 1915 Wilhelm Bürkle had his entire life and his fortune to leave and flee to Germany. Back in Germany, he settled in Pforzheim.

Wilhelm Bürkle graduated in 1917 with Mr. Karl Mend together and founded the company Bürkle & Mend OHG in Berlin-Schöneberg. This company acted with jewels, gold, silver and jewelery. After the death of Karl Mend, Wilhelm Bürkle continue the company Buerkle & Mend alone. The company Bürkle & Mend then turned her leather straps for watches, Perlonbänder for swimming pools and ran a jewelry wholesaler. The sales referred to throughout Germany and neighboring countries. Since it was during the war, no cattle leather, the skins of frogs, toads and fish were used for processing into leather bracelets. After the war we were the first factory, which manufactured and exported nappa leather bracelets from all over the world. For this, the leather interior of the old steel helmets of the Wehrmacht was used.

Wilhelm Buerkle Jr. entered 1945 as the second generation in the company and business with his parents, Wilhelm and Hertha Bürkle the factory and the jewelry wholesale. In October 1970, Wilhelm Bürkle opened a wholesale store in northern Schleswig-Holstein.

His son, Manfred Bürkle took over the company Bürkle & Mend in 1983 in the third generation. With the acquisition of a retail business in 1989 in Süderlügum in the watches and jewelry section, Manfred Bürkle built another pillar of the company. In 1991, Manfred Bürkle opened a branch in Tarp, which in 1997 was followed by another branch in Glücksburg. In 2003 he opened a fourth branch in Friedrichstadt. In October 2011 Manfred Bürkle expand the compony with a fifth branch. You find it in Schafflund.

Today the company Bürkle & Mend offers a wide range of products in watches and jewelery. Cutlery, cups, engraving, body products and gift items are also part of our assortment. We do accept all repairs of watches, clocks and jewelry. Furthermore, even executions are fulfilled according to their own visions. The customer is in these five shops next to the head of a total of 10 staff with expert advice. Furthermore, even include a watchmaker and a goldsmith to the team of the company Bürkle & Mend.